The Walk for Dementia has grown to become our largest source of fundraising revenue in support of programs and services provided to caregivers and people impacted by dementia. The support of sponsors and exhibitors is invaluable as it allows us host a fun and memorable walk while maximizing dollars raised so that we can help even more people than we do now. Over the next 10 years in Ottawa and Renfrew County, the number of people diagnosed with dementia is expected to double from 20,000 to 40,000 we currently support 7,500 caregivers and people with dementia. This is an excellent time for local businesses to demonstrate good corporate leadership while ensuring local impact.

For details on sponsorship opportunities, please consult our Sponsorship Package.

Interested in sponsoring the Walk for Dementia?

Please contact Lois Graveline at 613-523-4004 x 3104 or lgraveline@dsorc.org.